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Do you want your bio page to get more exposure? Does the thought of being at the top of every single page in your favorite specialty cateogry make you drool? Then you will love our Premium Specialty Category Banner, also known as a Featured Advertiser spot.
There are 2 mini banner spots at the top of each of the specialty category listing pages. Those 2 mini banner spots are not rotated at all, so they appear on every listing page for that direct specialty category. For those of you in the past who asked "How can I ensure I'm always on the 1st page?" here's your chance to be on every single listing page for your specialty category.

In order to start your premium specialty category banner simply send in payment. This feature will be on a 1st pay 1st reserve basis. The introductory rate will be

  • Only $100 PER MONTH OR $225 FOR 3 !

    ***If you are not a active bio advertiser then please note it is $200 per month per category.
    *Packages for multiple categories/months packages available upon special request for paid advertiser.

    To reserve your Premium Specialty Category Banner send in payment via one of the following methods. BE SURE TO EMAIL US THE SPECIALTY CATEGORY YOU ARE RESERVING. If there is a waiting list for the category you've selected then alternative categories or cites will be offered should you rather not wait. Reservation of these listings without payment is NOT possible.

  • Interac Email Money Transfer
  • Money Order/Cheque

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