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Since I could remember, I always admired and fantasize about sex. Mostly about having a man, using me, my body, to achieve his most desired climax.
Having these fantasies, I discovered, that being submissive, is where I meet the highest orgasmic level.

I am attractive, intelligent and confident woman, who is naturally independent, yet so submissive when it comes to a mans needs, I realized it takes a certain type of man who knows how to fully take control of my aching body.

A man older then I

Who can challenge me, not only sexually, but intellectually.

Who can help me unlock my mind, and desires, I never new existed.

Take care, and support me, in many ways. Because I appreciate him, and admire him, for what he does. For who he has made me.

Submission is a emotional, intellectual, and naturally sexual experience.

Emotional... There is a certain emotional aspect that has to be relevant in order to build a sexual relationship. Personally, I believe a platonic relationship… not a romantic one is best. Communication is key to understanding your emotions, wants and desires .When you realize, what, and how you are able to have a better climax. We all know a orgasm will release endorphins, that allow us to be more confident, happy, and lusting for more.

Intellectual... When we connect and meet new people, we open a door to another lifetime of experience . There is a type of knowledge, outlook, life lesson (especially if I've been a bad girl) to learn in every experience we encounter. Being challenged by different people and experience we allow ourselves to open our mind, change our views, or life goals. It allows us to grow into a better version of ourselves.

Sexual... Is sex not the most natural instinct of being human? When we suppress these primal instinct, we are not being true to who we are. Sex is too often regarded as a shameful, or dirty (and not the good kind) act. By suppressing these instinct, we are detaching ourselves from our emotional, and intellectual mind frame. When we just let go of the worry, and go back to the naturalism of what sex is, we liberate ourself!

What I offer is a mutually beneficial sexual experience. That is appreciate, for the right reasons, the sexual chemistry of two individuals.
This is a opportunity to experience a woman, who is in tune with her primitive sexual hunger. A woman, who can not only meet your sexual standard, but elevate it! Not because I was asked too….but because I need too! I understand the type of sexual hunger, I was born with. Being submissive is where I am most confident, and beautiful, it is where I am free.

This is what I was made to do.

Age:27 Height:5'7 Weight:120
Hair:GoldenBrown Eyes:Gold Stats:Single
Bi:Yes Couples:Yes Duos:No
Dom:No Sub:Yes

Email: To send an Email CLICK HERE
Based in Burlington but will travel
Hamilton Oakville Mississauga
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