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Ads will be activated within 24 hours of payment being received weekdays and 48hrs on weekends. Same day activation is NOT available. Once you've made payment please email us:
  • The Account/Ad Number(s) (if you have one), email/phone number in the ad if you don't
  • The payment transaction receipt number
  • Payment amount and method

    It is up to the advertiser to ensure we have all the proper information in order to activate your ad(s) in a timely fashion. If splitting a package, then please ensure we are notified at the time of purchase and email us a list of ALL the ads being activated. We will not bank/credit time.

    The fastest forms of payment are the online options; Credit Card & Interac Email Money Transfer.
  • CCBill - Credit Card
  • UKash - Worldwide
  • Monthly Recurring via Credit Card
  • Interac Email Money Transfer

    Payment is also accepted via:
  • Money Order/Cheque

    1 Ad for 1 Week$35
    1 Ad for 1 Month$95
    1 Ad for 2 Months$175
    1 Ad for 3 Months$225
    1 Ad for 6 Months$395
    1 Ad for 12 Months$695
    2 Ads for 1 Month$175
    2 Ads for 3 Months$395
    2 Ads for 6 Months$695
    3 Ads for 1 Month$225
    3 Ads for 2 Months$395
    3 Ads for 4 Months$695
    4 Ads for 3 Months$695
    4 Ads for 6 Months$995
    6 Ads for 4 Months$995
    6 Ads for 6 Months$1495
    6 Ads for 12 Months$2495
    8 Ads for 3 Months$995
    12 Ads for 2 Months$995
    12 Ads for 3 Months$1495
    12 Ads for 6 Months$2495
    18 Ads for 2 Months$1495
    24 Ads for 3 Months$2495
    25 Ads for 2 Months$1995
    36 Ads for 2 Months$2495

    RATE OF EXCHANGE: Packages are identical in both Canadian & US dollars -- your currency will be decided by your method of payment.

    ***PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. If you pay for your ads with a monthly subscription you will be unaffected by price changes so long as you maintain that subscription.

    * All ADS are subject to approval. Activation occurs only when payment has been received. We reserve the right to refuse to publish certain ads.

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